The Contact Lens Laboratory of South Africa


The designs are limitless when it comes to custom specialized lenses, that is why we have such a wide range of material, each specialized case would need to be discussed with one of our lab technicians to enable us to get as much information on the lens design required. All the lenses produced in our laboratory are cut specifically for each patient, we do not keep stock of any lens design as we see each cornea as being unique. Our limitations (materials) are based on material selected, we are able to customize each design to enable a custom fitted lens for even the most irregular cornea.


We are able to manufacture and tint a lens with a pinhole and required script, recreating the iris in a patient with albinism. Recreating the iris helps shield the retina from excessive bright light, this excess in light causes glare, light sensitivity and a decrease in contrast. The added benefit of adding the script onto the lens allows the patient to walk freely without the help of spectacles or a telemicroscope.


Sports tinted lenses are indicated for patients that spend a lot of time outdoors or in bright light, whether it be sports or just the daily activities. They can used in many different activities, occupations and improve symptoms from ocular conditions or diseases.

Harmful wavelengths in light have been known to cause damage to the cornea, retina and lens. Yellow cataracts and macular degeneration have been linked to Ultraviolet Radiation. Blue light radiation is scattered around especially in fog, rain and hazy weather conditions, causing glare and diminished visual acuity. Our lenses are able to block out UV radiation and blue light radiation using the VSO 42% UV material **link to material** and desired tint.

In some sport activities it is not always an option to wear sunglasses to reduce glare and improve visual needs, being restricted by headgear or protective eyewear. Glasses tend to restrict your field of view and become a disturbance when running or doing any demanding physical activity. Our sports tinted lenses provide protection, improve contrast and reduce glare thus improving your overall visual experience when on the field or indoors in harsh lighting conditions.
Red Filter Tint

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Green Filter Tint

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Amber Sports Tint

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Yellow Sports Tint

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Aqua Teal Sports Tint

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Green/Brown Sport Tint

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