The Contact Lens Laboratory of South Africa

Hand Painted Prosthetics

We introduced our very own 'in house' custom hand painted soft prosthetic lenses into South Africa in late 2008. We have since had many successful cases and helped the optometrist fit scarred, offset, sighted and unsighted eyes with optimal results. We are able to manufacture all our prosthetic lenses in our lab, decreasing waiting time and limitations. We treat each case as a unique case and custom make the lens to the patient's specifications, so whether the lens is an offset scripted reverse curve lens or a simple spherical lens waiting time is minimal.

Prosthetic lenses are indicated for:

Corneal Dystrophy
Traumatic and post Surgical Complications
Corneal Leucomas and Scars
Iris Colobomas

Clear Pupil

We are able to manufacture prosthetic lenses with a scripted/ unscripted clear pupil (See sizes available above)

Black Pupil

We are able to custom tint the pupil on required iris size (for iris sizes see ***Link to full disc***) per each patients specifications.